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4:59 AM
August 23rd, 2011

Stop Crying little Girl

This morning I was startled awake by the loudest crack from the sky

 Hell was breaking through the heavens above!!!

Lightning and thunder, bigger and louder than I ever thought possible!

As I started to hope the storm was about to pass,

The hole in the sky cried, and cried, and cried.

It cried harder and longer than I ever thought possible!


As a little girl, when a summer storm like this hit,

I would run as fast as I could to my room,

Only so I could find and bury my face into my pillow.

Hiding from the storm, and crying harder and longer than I ever

thought possible! 

Lightning flashes, light up the world

The heavens above decided to snap a picture of reality below. 

Every crack that followed was the polaroid that was produced


I used to fear the storm

I used to try to hide from it

Today, I appreciated the beauty of it

I thought about life, harder and longer than I ever thought possible


Flashes that forced me to focus

And then cracks to confirm this is REAL!!!

I’m not at home

I can’t hide from the world in a pillow

I don’t have my parents in the room next to me

But, I still don’t know the difference between my dreams and my reality! 

Some dreams are beautiful, and some are horrible nightmares

They affect me harder and longer than I ever thought possible!

When am I supposed to wake up?! 

I’m bound to wake in my little girl room, right?

This is all just a DREAM, right?!!!!

This morning I was startled awake by the loudest crack from the sky

Hell was breaking through the heavens above

Lightning and thunder all which was bigger

And louder than I ever thought possible!

My own common sense controlled my lack of sanity

But, I wanted so badly to run into the eye of the storm

Could I have screamed to the heavens and hells for answers?

Would they be willing to tell me why this has happened?

What am I supposed to do?

Here is my body,

Strike me with the light

I beg onto thee for the answers!

This morning, I felt like a scared little girl again

I watched flashes that forced me to focus

The ear piercing sounds that cracked,

Forced me to realize…

The innocent child I once was, no longer exists

I am now a grown, independent, and matured woman

Little adult miss,

It’s about time you accept this;

Your once played out world of pretend

Those little sweet dreams of your subconscious

No longer exist!

It’s time to wake from your filled mind of dellusions

Stop denying and avoiding this simple truth…

Little adult miss,

Stop crying like a little girl,

Because, this is as real as it gets!

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